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We are one of China Seal Faces, Mechanical Seals, Shaft Seals manufactures, supplying Seal Faces, Mechanical Seals, Shaft Seals to your requirements. You can quickly find the Seal Faces, Mechanical Seals, Shaft Seals through the list.
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Ceramic Seal Ring
High insulation
high strength
form stability resistance to aging
high corrosion.
Mechanical seal face
.Longer lasting
.ISO9001 certificate
.Plenty of stock
Face Seals Ceramic (Pump Parts)
1.High temperature resistant
2.Corrosion resistant
3.Longer lasting
4.ISO9001 certificate
Alumina ceramic seal faces
have the property of the resistant-high-temperature,resistant-corrosion,resistant-wearing.
Mechanical Seal Face
1.The highest quality;
2.The lowest price;
3.Mass production;
Sic seal face
1.High quality, competitive price
2.Quick response and fast, flexible delivery.
carbon seal face
1. Semi-conductor process tools and fixture
2. Mechanical seals
3. High strength kiln furniture
Silicon Carbide(SIC& SSIC)O ring for shaft seal
1. seal material
2. reaction sic bonded, sintered sic
3. used as seal faces, bearings, bushings, sleeve, rod, nozzles, etc.
Seal Face Of Mechanical Seal
1.High-temperature resistance;
2.Corrosion resistance;
3.Wearability resistance;
Hydraulic seal face
1.Low density; High strength;
2.Low thermal expansion;
silicon seal face
Excellent resistance to chemicals
Anti-adhesive surface and low friction
Tungsten Carbide Mechanical Seal Face
Sintered in HIP Furnace
ISO9001:2000 Certificate
Material in Fine Grain Size
Industrial Pump Shaft Mechanical Seal
Rotary Ring(Carbon/SIC/TC)
Secondary Seal(NBR/EPDM/Viton/silica Gel)
Industrial pump mechanical seal
Excellent chemical and physical property, oil resistance, high temperature stability, etc.
Mechanical O Ring Seal
1)Dependent of direction of rotation
2) Single seal, Unbalanced,
3) replace Burgman BT-FN Seal
High Quality O Ring Mechanical Seal
1.High quality o ring seal
2.Get the ISO certification
3.We are the manufacture
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